Rotator Cuff Impingement

Treatment of rotator cuff pain

A rotator cuff injury is usually associated with inflammation. That is why the condition is usually painful and quite discomforting, particularly because of the severe shoulder pain that it triggers. The rotator cuff is simple a group of four muscles that surround the joint of the shoulder. Every person is supposed to have this group of four muscles that surround the shoulder. The main purpose of the muscles is to allow for the smooth motion of the shoulder joints. In the absence of these muscles, it would have been very difficult to move the shoulder joint in various positions. All muscles are joined to the bones by means of tendons. This feature is common to all muscles throughout the body. In the same way, the rotator cuff muscles are joined to the shoulder joint by means of a very large tendon, which forms after the four tendons from each of the muscles join together.

If a person has rotator cuff pain, it simply means that one is experiencing pains in the region surrounding the four muscles that are found in the shoulder joint. It may also mean that one of the parts in the rotator cuff is inflamed and thereby causing pain in the shoulder joint. In the medical industry, it is possible to categorically classify and identify the actual source and cause of rotator cuff pain. Under normal circumstances, the pain tends to vary depending on the cause and the location of the pain. Based on this, the rotator cuff pain can be caused by any of the following; rotator cuff tendonitis, the rotator cuff tear, the rotator cuff impingement syndrome. Any pain in one of the muscles that make up of the rotator cuff is also referred to as rotator cuff pain. Under normal circumstances, the inflammation of the tendons is usually caused by injury to the shoulder.

Any of the above causes can account for the pain that is localized in the rotator cuff. An inflammation or frequent irritation of the rotator tendon usually accounts for the pain that is localized in the shoulder joint. This is the actually the most common cause of rotator cuff pain in most people. The inflammation of the rotator tendon may be caused by various agents including disease or accidents. The rotator tendon is the large tendon that is formed when the four tendons of the four muscles that are found in the rotator are joined together. This is the one that is connected directly to the joint of the shoulder.

The best treatment methods of rotator cuff pain are surgical and non-surgical treatment methods. In most cases, the treatment to be used is based on the severity of the pain and the nature of the rotator cuff injury. Non-surgical methods are usually simple and less life threatening methods such as chiropractic methods. For example, you can take oral medicines and certain physical therapy. Take your time to find out from a chiropractic doctor about some of the best non-surgical methods of treating the pains of the rotator cuff.  There are many methods that have proven results including yoga. On the other hand, surgical methods include tendon repair through the use of stitches or any other repair methods such laser.

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